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Help Keep Our Town Clean!

Stonewall Town Clean Up Family Kids

When families work together to help other families, awesome things happen. Memories are created, bonds are strengthened, and families get healthier.

We invite you to join us on the town clean-up. Just call 1-204-872-3978 to arrange an area to clean, get supplies, & find the drop-off location.

Local residents and businesses are invited to pledge money for every bag collected. The funds raised will go to helping local families recover from the pandemic/lockdown – financially, socially, physically, and spiritually.

  • Amount Pledged & Donated ($10,421 of $30,000 goal) 34.7% 34.7%
  • Matching Funds ( Loving donors are matching your donations this summer to double your impact up to $60,000!) 34.7% 34.7%

July 16, 2021

Abby Emmer, 11 years old, and her team, including 4 siblings and local families, are doing another Stonewall clean-up. Last October, despite the lockdown, they were able to fill 80+ garbage bags by cleaning around the town of Stonewall.

Once again they will be partnering with Tim Comack from Ventura Developments Inc., Tyler Niven from Haulaway & More, and Heroic Family Missions.

Due to health guidelines, we invite families to work individually with the people in their households, wear masks, and practice safe distancing. We will have a pickup location where people can borrow sanitized grabbers, supplies, and area maps. There is also a designated drop-off location for garbage bags filled during the clean-up.

Abby hopes to raise money for Heroic Family Missions for their programs to help local families recover from the harmful effects of the pandemic – financially, socially, and emotionally. She already has anonymous donors willing to match donations this summer up to $30,000 – doubling the impact of every dollar donated.

Tim Comack wrote “Quarry Ridge Park & Ventura understand how important it is to ensure the community at large is kept clean. We have extended our on-going efforts by donating towards meaningful initiatives led by local residents to help raise funds for Heroic Family Missions. This money will be directed to the local community to help those affected by this pandemic. We could not be more proud to help Abby Emmer raise money for such an impactful cause!”

Allison Emmer added “We appreciate Tim and Tyler’s ongoing commitment to our community and their significant investment in Stonewall over the years.”

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