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Abby is leading a town clean-up to raise $60,000 to help local families recover from the pandemic/lockdown…

(She’s 11 years old)

Will your family join her on this worthwhile mission?


Helping Homeless Women
  • Amount Pledged & Donated ($12,247.35 of $30,000 goal) 41% 41%
  • Matching Funds ( Loving donors are matching your donations this summer to double your impact up to $60,000!) 41% 41%

Families are struggling after the pandemic and lockdown. We want to help them recover by providing training, tools, and support.

Our upcoming courses include a course to help families with their finances, a course on socialization for young people, and a course on parenting.

We also launched some training for businesses to help them thrive in these strange economic times?


Raking For Families

Town Clean Up – Partner Companies

Ventura Developments Inc.

Quarry Ridge Park

HaulAway & More

Nancy Dilts – Realtor

Boonstra Farms

Pulse Electric / Solar

Pushing Freedom – Lawn Mowing

Image Creek Farms Ltd.

Dog Walking/Sitting – Stonewall

Honey Bee Health Foods

Stonewall Florists

Southside Service (Auto Repair)

New Life Church Stonewall

McCreary Gospel Church

Carberry Evangelical Free Church

Appy Place Lounge Stonewall

George Desimpelaere’s Antiques (THE GRANDE BAZAAR)

Ajax Alliance Church

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